Sharron Schoenfeld

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I do not restrict myself to any one subject, colour palette or painting technique. Abstract, realist, mixed media, urban settings, northern lake scenery, prairie grasslands and still life all interest me. I like to switch back and forth as inspiration comes. When I see a subject that inspires me like the quietness of landscapes or the charm of character homes, I want to paint them and recreate the colour, space and light that I see. 

The manner in which I perceive the world around me has developed through the various stages of my life. Endless hours spent playing in the small wooded areas near my childhood home, summers spent on a farm, and presently exploring the lakes and boreal forest in northern Saskatchewan have all impacted how I see the world today and how I approach my art. Everything I see, even the ordinary things, can be transformed with paint to be extra ordinary.

A Gentle Bow 30 x 24″ Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas ©Sharron Schoenfeld
Morning Lighthouse 16 x 20″ Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas ©Sharron Schoenfeld
Golden Afternoon 16 x 20″ Acrylic & Mixed Media on Cradleboard ©Sharron Schoenfeld

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