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Life’s journey takes us in unexpected directions. Early on, my focus was on math & science with things to discover & clear answers to questions. Crafts were plentiful – the kind with rules & patterns to follow.

Later I discovered painting & studied technique, colour & composition. I gained the courage to let go of rules & expectations. Curiosity took over as I found my own artistic expression. When I tried watercolour batik I knew I had found my medium. The process is orderly, structured & uncontrollable. I can have a plan & then it is like the wax & watercolour do the work.

Colour charts have replaced spreadsheets but math is still calling me. I am discovering the ancient geometers & finding inspiration. The structure of the world we live in is amazing. I am excited to see where this new path leads. 

Chateauesque 24 x 40″ Watercolour Batik ©Paige Mortensen
Sttin’ on the Dock of the Bay 24 x 24″ Watercolour Batik ©Paige Mortensen
Hanging On To Fall 12 x 12″ Batik on Paper ©Paige Mortensen

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