Fall Spotlight on ~ Val Miles

I love line, colour, texture and shine in my paintings.  I look for subject matter that lends itself to these things.  I start with the line, add the texture, then the shine and finish with colour.  I will have both new and older work at our Open Studio Show and Sale on  Monday, November 27th.


Cozy in the Flowers valmiles


Fall Spotlight on ~ Sharron Schoenfeld

This summer and fall has been another period of transition for me as an artist. I come from a textile background that incorporated texture, pattern, colour and generally “winging it” with my artwork. I am experimenting more with paint, mediums and working more intuitively rather than emphasizing realism. I spent the summer painting outside which was challenging and has deepened my respect for those artists that have mastered this form of expression. I will have several of these new works at our “Open Studio and Show”, November 27th for you to see.


‘Fall Trees’ , Acrylic on Canvas


‘Water Lilies’, Acrylic on Canvas

Coming in November ~ a one day Open Studio Show and Sale!

On Monday November 27, the Artists’ Workshop is going to be holding a one day only Open Studio Show and Sale at our studio space at the Grace Westminster Auditorium. The studio will be open from 11 am to 9 pm. We will also have many of the artists working, so you can see our newest works in progress. Please come by, chat with us, and ask questions.


Spotlight on ~ Lorraine Khachatourians

This year I am looking more and more at colour, that is, how to represent the colours I see in the various objects I enjoy painting, in way that comes closest to how I see them. Over the past few months I have been paying more attention to the characteristics of colour and how to recreate them from the pigments in the paint. It is like solving a puzzle or a mystery, both of which I have always enjoyed. Below are photos of both works in progress of my favourite subjects, fruits and metal reflections, which you will be able to see completed at our open studio, and some finished pieces.


‘Works in progess’

humboldt show lk 2017.jpg

Starting a new year ~

With the arrival of September, we are back together to start another season of painting together. We are welcoming back three people who have been with the group in the past ~ Molly Clark, Gail Prpick and Kathleen Slavin. And we are welcoming a new member to the group, Cindy Wright. After a true summer here in Saskatoon, we are ready and excited to be back together.

We do have our dates already for our annual Show and Sale. You can mark your calendars now for April 13, 14 and 15th, 2018. We will keep you posted for any other activities we are involved with throughout the fall and winter too.

It is good to be back!

Summer Secret Garden Sketching

Our group decided that we would get together over the summer, to sketch in our gardens around the city, and to keep in touch while we took our summer break. It has been some years since we have done this, and it has been very enjoyable to take up this again. It has been so pleasant to enjoy the gardens and just relax and sketch and paint for fun.

Here are some photos from the gardens so far. We’ll be continuing on to a few more yet ~

kathy's garden sketch 2017.jpg

Kathy Slavin’s garden

kathys 2017 group1.jpg

Kathy’s garden – 2

kathy in garden 2017.jpg

Kathy Slavin in her garden

kathys 2017 lunch.jpg

Lunch at Kathy’s

val garden sketch.jpg

Val Munch’s garden


Jean Dudley in Val Munch’s garden


Sharron Schoenfeld (reflected) in Val’s garden


Lorraine Khachatourians’ garden


Cindy Wright in Lorraine’s garden


Kathy and Molly in Lorraine’s garden




Lorraine in her garden

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who came to our spring show and sale! We appreciate you taking time to come and see what we worked on during the winter. After a little break, we will all be getting busy again, and will start working toward the fall and 2018.

AW 2017show thankyou