Spotlight on ~ Jean Dudley

I feel more attached to the group this year. Our fall show was great fun and I appreciated the willingness on everyone’s part to try a new format. I enjoyed meeting people, talking about art and showing people the use of bamboo sticks and ink. It was a friendly day and the turnout was marvelous for a Monday in winter!

I have painted very little this fall but have been enjoying drawing again and working in ink. I committed to Inktober and managed to post an ink drawing every day that month. My dilemma of being an ‘en plein air’ painter and living in Saskatchewan stays with me. I did get out, however, on one of those days that hovered around the 0 degree mark. I set up in Diefenbaker Park, unknowingly close to a Frisbee Golf Target. I was trying to get out of the wind, but the players thought it was quite funny and were all good sports about it. I still miss Kenderdine Campus, and although I tried a couple of new adventures last summer, nothing has come close to spurring me on as those classes did. The environment at Kenderdine, the facilities, the instruction, the fellow painters all combined to create an atmosphere the both challenged and supported each of us. The search continues.


Jean painting at Marr House

JEAN kenderdine

‘Kenderdine’ Acrylic on canvas

Fall Spotlight on ~ Molly Clark

Occasionally, I venture into other styles and mediums, then default to painting landscapes in oil. I feel lucky to be a returning member of Artists’ Workshop where I enjoy working in our shared space every Monday. I look forward to reconnecting with old acquaintances and making new ones at our Open Studio Show and Sale Monday, November 27 in the studio space we share, Grace Westminster United Church, 505 – 10th Street East in Saskatoon, from 11 am to 9 pm. I’ll be showing a little bit of everything, both old and new.

Molly painting

molly landscape

Molly pelican

Fall Spotlight on ~ Kathleen Slavin

My first love as a painter is the countless possible processes of applying paint to a surface. I use a variety of techniques to hover between abstract and representational elements. Landscape offers a spectacular source of inspiration as a subject. I look forward to seeing you and talking about my work at our Open Studio on November 27, at Grace Westminster Auditorium.

Kathy working

Kathleen at work

Monet's garden 2

‘Monet’s Garden 2’, watercolour on paper

By the pond

‘By the Pond’, Oil over gesso monotype on canvas

Fall Spotlight on ~ Paige Mortensen

Sketching in Artists’ Workshop member’s the back yards, driving around Saskatchewan, travel to other parts of our country; all provide inspiration. On our travels I stopped at the Japanese Paper Place in Toronto to learn more about the origins of the Ginwashi paper that I use for my watercolour batiks. Unexpectedly, the stop provided a different kind of inspiration – shape. This change in shape started me thinking about composition in new ways and I have created a collection of 2 x 14” pieces perfect for small spaces. I also discovered some tiny clips and a new way of mounting that highlights the journey my pieces take in their creation. All of this reminding me to be on the lookout for inspiration everywhere.

 I’m excited to see you on Monday, November 27th at Grace Westminster Church as we share both how we work and what we have been creating!




Fall Spotlight on ~ Marilyn Weiss

It’s not hard to guess Marilyn Weiss’s favourite colour. Red shows up in pretty much all of Marilyn’s art works, whether it’s the under-painting of a boreal forest scene, the sky above a Nutana alley, or one of her well-known poppy paintings. Marilyn takes regular sketching trips to northern Saskatchewan and other locations, especially in the fall and spring, her favourite times of the year. The sketches she makes on site serve as a foundation for larger works completed in her studio. She is looking forward to our open studio day on November 27, where she will be painting and talking to our visitors.


mygardenpoppies mw

March at Emma Lake

Fall Spotlight on ~ Gail Prpick

I was raised in creative chaos which I consider my art education. I reside in Davidson, SK where I have opened the “And Art Gallery” in a century old brick building that was formerly a bank. I work mainly in acrylic and love to paint with vibrant colours, and use sensual shapes and a variety of textures. My paintings quite often have a rural influence with a contemporary edge. I recently have been experimenting with raw canvas. On November 27 come and check out the mess I make.


gail trees 2017

gail boots 2017

Gail Bess 2017

Fall Spotlight on ~ Cindy Wright

Everyday life in the country brings inspiration every day.  From the force of the wind to the changing of the seasons the subjects are ever changing. I express my creativity  primarily in watercolors, a medium that is delightfully challenging. The relationship between the paint, paper and water are both unpredictable and beautiful like the effects of the wind and the seasons.

Monday, November 27th we will have an Open Studio show and sale at Grace Westminster Church.  Here, the artists will be painting, drawing or collaging. Come by,  say hi and watch us create!
Cindy painting 2017
butterflies Cindy 2017
dog cindy 2017