Images of Artwork

Celeste Delahey

‘Rock Steady’ 16 x 16″ Acrylic On Canvas
‘Highway Blues’ 36×48″ Oil on Canvas

Jean Dudley

‘Sunflowers’ – Linocut
‘Pat’s Garden’ – Acrylic

Patricia Katz

‘Care for a Cuppa?’ – Watercolour
‘Praca Da Riberia Porto’ – Watercolour

Monika Kinner

‘Frost on Roses’ – Soft pastel, 20 x 16 inches (Sold)
‘Creekside’ – Fabric and thread, 9 x 9 inches (Sold)

Marina Melchiorre

‘Dawn at Sucker River’ – 30 x 48 inches
‘Boreal Banter’ – Oil, 36 x 24″ inches

Val Miles

‘Elements of Klimt Tree of Life My Way’ – Acrylic
‘Attitude’ – Acrylic

Paige Mortensen

‘Uncle’s Barn’, 10×20 inches, Watercolour Batik ©Paige Mortensen
Chateauesque 24 x 40″ Watercolour Batik ©Paige Mortensen

Sharron Schoenfeld

‘Graceful Gathering’ – Acrylic
‘Front Porch Reflections’ – Acrylic

Leslie Stadnichuk

‘Simple Pleasures’ – Acrylic
‘Secret Longings’ – Acrylic

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