Celeste Dumonceaux Delahey

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Throughout my lifetime I have done many creative things.  I learned how to sew, quilt, cake decorate, and play piano and guitar.  I had always wanted to paint so when I found out about the USCAD program 10 years ago I enrolled and started painting. 

Paintings began to take shape and I immersed myself into the art world.  I am particularly attracted to our beautiful prairie scenes, especially clouds and skies. 

I grew up on a farm where I was surrounded by vast green spaces and open fields.  From the bright blue skies with fluffy clouds to the incredible jewel-toned sunsets and sparkling lakes, I feel the urge to recreate it all with paint and canvas.   I really enjoy painting with deep, bold colors and try to entertain the viewer with my color choices and realistic depictions of the landscape.

Early Morning Delivery 30×30″ Acrylic on Canvas ©Celeste Dumonceaux Delahey
Cotton Candy Country 11 x 14″ Acrylic on Canvas ©Celeste Dumonceaux Delahey
Highway Blues 36 x 40″ Oil on Canvas ©Celeste Dumonceaux Delahey

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