Art Toolkit Favourites  ~ Val Miles

One of my favourite art making tools that I wouldn’t be able to make my art without is the copper, silver and gold foil that I use to gild my paintings.  Since I started using foil it has taken over as one of my favourite mediums.  I love the different effects that it creates and it inspires me to experiment.  I use birds in most of my paintings and the foil seems to capture the lightness and fun that I see in birds.

Gilding on canvas2.jpg

Val gilding.jpg



Fall shows with members of Artists’ Workshop

As we get underway for our 2018-2019 season, several of our members are involved in shows around the province and in Saskatoon. These are the three shows on now ~

humbold members show.jpg


And Val Miles has a solo show at the University Club on the University of Saskatchewan campus. The show runs from now until December 20 and is called ‘Elements of Klimt’.

elements of klimt.jpg

So we are off to a great start this year. Watch for news of our own one day group show in November.

Summer Happenings

Here we are, the first day of summer. As a group, we will be continuing this summer to visit each others’ gardens to do some plein air painting. We will post photos as we go along.

Also, some group members will be involved in art shows in Saskatoon and other cities.

Here are two shows to mark on your calendars for now, and any future ones will be noted as we get the information. Watch our Facebook Page and our Instragram Page too for more photos over the summer.

Paige Mortensen will be part of a two person show at the lovely Humboldt and District Gallery.

humboldt show July Paige.jpg

Kathleen Slavin will be part of a multi-artist show and sale at the bi-annual Art in the Garden.



Spotlight on ~ Val Miles

What inspires me are images that tell a story.  I like to look at a painting and think about what is going on behind the scenes.  Birds help me to tell a story in my paintings and I like to put them in unexpected places.  I also love to use line to simplify images, and color, texture and shine to help to draw people in and to create warmth in my work.

 Please come and experience this work and that of my very gifted colleagues at the 28th annual Spring Art Show and Sale April 13 – 15th at Grace Westminster United Church.

IMG_5866 (2).JPG

IMG_5869 (2).JPG

Tea with the Royal Couple.JPG



Spotlight on ~ Gail Prpick

After taking a year off painting with the Artists’ Workshop group, I am back at full force this year.  I have also started an art gallery in my home town of Davidson.  The gallery has renewed my art addiction and spurred me back to figurative painting.  I am not sure why I quit as it is my first love.  I am also now experimenting with landscapes on raw canvas.  I enjoy the looseness and flow that raw canvas allows.  Come and view my experiments and the other artists’ talents at our annual spring show.

gail apr 2017-4.jpg

gail apr 2017-3.jpg

gail apr 2017 - 5.jpg

gail apr 2017-1.jpg

gail apr 2017-2.jpg


Spotlight on ~ Kathleen Slavin

I am a mark-maker.  My first love as a painter is the countless possible processes of applying paint to a surface. I use a variety of techniques to hover between abstract and representational elements. Saskatchewan landscape offers a spectacular source of inspiration as does my garden.  During the two decades that I have been showing work in Saskatchewan, I have benefitted from the critique of many established artists both at Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus and in the Saskatoon community. I maintain an independent practice and have exhibited paintings in private and public galleries and in community venues. 

2017 Garden View.jpg

‘Garden View’

Highway 11 Valley.jpg

‘Highway 11 Valley’

Highway 11 November.jpg

‘Highway 11 November’

kathy landscape 2018.jpg

kathy 2018.jpg

Kathleen in her studio