My Favourite Thing ~ Sharron Schoenfeld

I love playing around mixing colours to find just the right hue or just to see what a different variation of red will do to one of my many favourite blues. The problem I would run into after all this mixing was trying to recreate a favourite and not remembering what I used to make it. So, I keep track of all the mixes that I have created in my “Paint Recipe Book”. I can flip through my book, find the swatch of paint I want and voilà! The inspiration and the mix is there for me. Maybe I shouldn’t be confessing to this, but last count…. I have 170 colour mixes.
Here’s my hot tip of the day. When I began painting a few years back I was really at a loss as to how to achieve the colours that I wanted. I knew the obvious, yellow and blue make green but there are so many different yellows and blues and throw in a touch of red and … well, the results can vary quite a bit. I found Golden Paints Virtual Paint Mixer . Upload a photo to their site, place the cursor over the area in the photo that you want to match for colour and the site generates a mix for you. I learned a lot about mixing colour and experimenting with hues that I may not have tried had it not been for this site.


sharron fav.jpg

Artist’s Toolkit ~ Kathleen Slavin

I am a mark maker.  Always close at hand in my studio are buckets of mark making tools.  I love the act of applying paint to a surface.  Creating is at its best when the marks suggest the next direction.  I also prefer to not be fully in control of my painting tools.  Discovering, often by accident, a new way to move paint by flowing, scraping, rolling, scratching, dripping, and so on is endlessly satisfying.  Texture builds up in rough layers that hide and reveal the layers below and offers direction for what to do next.


kathy 1.png

kathy 3.png


My Favourite Thing ~ Monika Kinner-Whalen

As a textile artist inspired by the landscape, I credit my camera as being the ‘favourite thing’ simply because it is how I bring back inspiration to my studio. The images I collect are personal memories which form the basis of my art. Because the prairies are ever changing with regard to light and seasons and weather, capturing moments in time that fill my heart is absolutely instrumental to the creation of my art.  If you blink, you’ll miss it.  I don’t want to miss a thing.
Though I don’t always work from photographs, I believe the act of years of obsessive picture taking certainly has helped train my artist eye. I am inspired by texture and pattern as much as I am by the big open landscapes and living skies. The best thing about heading out with my camera is that it provides me a good break from sitting still in a studio. Even if I don’t feel like it, I never regret these adventures. They always fill me up with awe and inspiration, getting me excited to create new and better work every time.
artist photo
Monika stitching.jpg
camera on grass.jpg

My Favourite Thing ~ Cindy Wright

Natural Light

I am so fortunate to have a studio with a window of a big Saskatchewan sky. This lighting is crucial for enriching the process of my watercolour paintings. The natural light not only makes me feel healthy and happy but inspired. It allows me to “read the paper” when it’s time to drop, splash or brush the paint on. There’s a tiny window just before the water is absorbed as it momentarily sits on the surface. A sheen that can only be really seen using natural light. For the upcoming show I have changed up my pallet using reds, blacks and blues against the ultimate contrast of crisp white. Just like a bright and sunny day of winter casting dark shadows on the snow. Mark your calendar for Monday November 26th at Grace Westminster United Church 11am – 9pm.


cindy painting1.jpg


Artist’s Toolkit ~ Gail Prpick

I am a fickle artist.  If you asked me what my favourite item in my art toolkit was last week, it would have been raw canvas.  This week I am on the alcohol ink band wagon.  The colours are vibrant and luminous but I find myself quite often toning them down.  It is interesting to just dab the ink on a ceramic tile or yupo paper and watch them move but to manipulate the ink is wonderful.  I do this by cutting into the ink on the paper or tile with a brush dipped in alcohol.  To protect my art, I spray it with a vanish.  I find Kamar by Krylon to work best.  Many vanishes will make the ink bleed and discolour.   Come and see me dabbing  on Monday, November 26, 2018.




Art Toolkit Favourites  ~ Val Miles

One of my favourite art making tools that I wouldn’t be able to make my art without is the copper, silver and gold foil that I use to gild my paintings.  Since I started using foil it has taken over as one of my favourite mediums.  I love the different effects that it creates and it inspires me to experiment.  I use birds in most of my paintings and the foil seems to capture the lightness and fun that I see in birds.

Gilding on canvas2.jpg

Val gilding.jpg



Fall shows with members of Artists’ Workshop

As we get underway for our 2018-2019 season, several of our members are involved in shows around the province and in Saskatoon. These are the three shows on now ~

humbold members show.jpg


And Val Miles has a solo show at the University Club on the University of Saskatchewan campus. The show runs from now until December 20 and is called ‘Elements of Klimt’.

elements of klimt.jpg

So we are off to a great start this year. Watch for news of our own one day group show in November.