Spotlight on ~ Val Miles

What inspires me are images that tell a story.  I like to look at a painting and think about what is going on behind the scenes.  Birds help me to tell a story in my paintings and I like to put them in unexpected places.  I also love to use line to simplify images, and color, texture and shine to help to draw people in and to create warmth in my work.

 Please come and experience this work and that of my very gifted colleagues at the 28th annual Spring Art Show and Sale April 13 – 15th at Grace Westminster United Church.

IMG_5866 (2).JPG

IMG_5869 (2).JPG

Tea with the Royal Couple.JPG



Spotlight on ~ Gail Prpick

After taking a year off painting with the Artists’ Workshop group, I am back at full force this year.  I have also started an art gallery in my home town of Davidson.  The gallery has renewed my art addiction and spurred me back to figurative painting.  I am not sure why I quit as it is my first love.  I am also now experimenting with landscapes on raw canvas.  I enjoy the looseness and flow that raw canvas allows.  Come and view my experiments and the other artists’ talents at our annual spring show.

gail apr 2017-4.jpg

gail apr 2017-3.jpg

gail apr 2017 - 5.jpg

gail apr 2017-1.jpg

gail apr 2017-2.jpg


Spotlight on ~ Kathleen Slavin

I am a mark-maker.  My first love as a painter is the countless possible processes of applying paint to a surface. I use a variety of techniques to hover between abstract and representational elements. Saskatchewan landscape offers a spectacular source of inspiration as does my garden.  During the two decades that I have been showing work in Saskatchewan, I have benefitted from the critique of many established artists both at Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus and in the Saskatoon community. I maintain an independent practice and have exhibited paintings in private and public galleries and in community venues. 

2017 Garden View.jpg

‘Garden View’

Highway 11 Valley.jpg

‘Highway 11 Valley’

Highway 11 November.jpg

‘Highway 11 November’

kathy landscape 2018.jpg

kathy 2018.jpg

Kathleen in her studio

Spotlight on ~ Cindy Wright

Watercolour pigment on a limestone based TerraSkin paper combines to create delicate, soft and playful images. You know that song about the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees? Well this describes the focus of my work and creates that crucial connection to the world around me.
Do come and experience this work and that of my very gifted colleagues at the 28th annual Spring Art Show and Sale April 13-15th  at Grace Westminster United Church.
cindy flowers apr 2018.jpg
cindy painting 2018 spr.jpg

Spotlight on ~ Sharron Schoenfeld

One of the many subjects that inspire me is the beauty of Saskatchewan’s northern lake country. I rarely leave our cabin without my camera or at least my cell phone to capture what I see. My husband and I enjoy spending leisurely days canoeing along the shoreline of East Trout Lake as well as some of the smaller lakes close by. Filtered sunlight from behind the trees, the reflection of rocks and reeds in a secluded cove, the movement of water when a breeze is stirred up can all take my breath away. My husband has to pick up the slack when I drop the paddle and pick up the camera (he does a lot of the paddling). I really like to paint little children too. I love their natural, expressive movements. I find myself smiling as I’m painting because I’m usually thinking of how cute they are.


‘Shallow Cove’, Acrylic on canvas


sharron mar 2018

Spotlight on ~ Paige Mortensen

Inspiration comes from close up or far away. In the last year my close up inspirations have been found in backyard gardens and beautiful planters in cities we have visited. The distant inspirations are the old elevators, barns and houses that we all see as we drive around our province. I’m not usually driving so I bring my camera and it is amazing what I can catch in these “drive-by-pictures”. I wonder about our ancestors, what lives were really like when these structures were built. So, flowers to bring cheer into my studio and old architecture to make me reflect on our history.


Shirley's poppies Paige.jpg

“Shirley’s Poppies” – Watercolour Batik

apple blossom amarylis Paige.jpg

“Apple Blossom Amarylis” – Watercolour Batik

gull lake pool elevator.jpg

“Gull Lake Pool Elevator” – Watercolour Batik