The Inside Story ~ Val Miles

As far back as I can remember I have been making art. My mother used to paint and I still have two paintings that I did with her at around 9 years old, one of Templeton the rat and Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web and one of my Siamese cat. The painting of Templeton was hungContinue reading “The Inside Story ~ Val Miles”

The Inside Story ~ Paige Mortensen

Life is a journey that takes us in unexpected directions. Early in life my focus was on math and science. There were things to discover and clear answers to the questions. At the same time crafts were plentiful, the kind with rules and patterns to follow. Later I discovered painting and took classes in technique,Continue reading “The Inside Story ~ Paige Mortensen”

The Inside Story ~ Celeste Delahey

Throughout my lifetime I have done many creative things.  I learned how to sew, quilt, cake decorate, and play piano and guitar.  I had always wanted to paint but didn’t think I had the talent but when I found out about the USCAD program 10 years ago I decided to enroll.  Paintings began to takeContinue reading “The Inside Story ~ Celeste Delahey”

The Inside Story ~ Monika Kinner

Born on the prairie and raised by a landscape artist, I grew up with a deep appreciation for the skies, the fields, and the ditches full of blooms. It was my mother who taught me how to appreciate the transformation of my surroundings through the four distinct seasons. I spent my childhood observing the patternsContinue reading “The Inside Story ~ Monika Kinner”

The Inside Story ~ Jean Dudley

I grew up artistically at Kenderdine Campus and still miss it. I’ve been trying to find ways, forcing myself actually, to paint indoors during the winter but to no avail. Relief printing may satisfy that need to create in the studio during the cold season. I’m only really happy when I paint outside. Painting involvesContinue reading “The Inside Story ~ Jean Dudley”

The Inside Story ~ Sharron Schoenfeld

I do not restrict myself to any one subject, colour palette or painting technique.  Abstract, realist, mixed media, urban settings, northern lake scenery, prairie grasslands and still life all interest me.  I like to switch back and forth as inspiration comes.  When I see a subject that inspires me like the quietness of landscapes or the charmContinue reading “The Inside Story ~ Sharron Schoenfeld”

The Inside Story ~ Lorraine McGrath

Growing up, music was the art form in our house. My Dad had a musical background and a wide ranging taste in music. The only art was a book on Van Gogh that I remember on the shelves. For myself, I learned piano, drew and coloured like most kids, and read endlessly. The first inklingContinue reading “The Inside Story ~ Lorraine McGrath”

The Inside Story ~ Molly Clark

“How long does it take you to do one like this?” The technical answer varies. Some works flow and others challenge you to spend more time. People are genuinely curious, and their inquiry sincere, so I hesitate to answer “all my life” for fear of it sounding like a canned, flippant answer. But there is authenticityContinue reading “The Inside Story ~ Molly Clark”

The Inside Story – Patricia Katz

I’ve always been drawn to color and design; and my artistic expression took many forms over the years. As a child I hammered together wooden fruit crates and painted ‘furniture’ for my room. Later I began sewing clothing for my self and others. That interest in textiles led me to spinning and dying yarn, andContinue reading “The Inside Story – Patricia Katz”