Slow Art Day 2021

Window Art ShowApril 10 – 23, 2021 In non-pandemic times we hold our annual spring show and sale at Grace Westminster Church. Since we haven’t been able to do that this year or last, we have a new way to share our art with you. Artists’ Workshop would like to invite you to our Slow ArtContinue reading “Slow Art Day 2021”

Sttin’ on the Dock of the Bay 24 x 24″ Watercolour Batik ©Paige Mortensen

The Inside Story ~ Paige Mortensen

Life is a journey that takes us in unexpected directions. Early in life my focus was on math and science. There were things to discover and clear answers to the questions. At the same time crafts were plentiful, the kind with rules and patterns to follow. Later I discovered painting and took classes in technique,Continue reading “The Inside Story ~ Paige Mortensen”


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Artists’ Workshop

We are Saskatoon artists who make art together weekly. In non-pandemic times, we hold a show and sale of our work every spring at Grace Westminster Church. Learn more about our art practices and shows here.

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