Summer Secret Garden Sketching

Our group decided that we would get together over the summer, to sketch in our gardens around the city, and to keep in touch while we took our summer break. It has been some years since we have done this, and it has been very enjoyable to take up this again. It has been so pleasant to enjoy the gardens and just relax and sketch and paint for fun.

Here are some photos from the gardens so far. We’ll be continuing on to a few more yet ~

kathy's garden sketch 2017.jpg

Kathy Slavin’s garden

kathys 2017 group1.jpg

Kathy’s garden – 2

kathy in garden 2017.jpg

Kathy Slavin in her garden

kathys 2017 lunch.jpg

Lunch at Kathy’s

val garden sketch.jpg

Val Munch’s garden


Jean Dudley in Val Munch’s garden


Sharron Schoenfeld (reflected) in Val’s garden


Lorraine Khachatourians’ garden


Cindy Wright in Lorraine’s garden


Kathy and Molly in Lorraine’s garden




Lorraine in her garden

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who came to our spring show and sale! We appreciate you taking time to come and see what we worked on during the winter. After a little break, we will all be getting busy again, and will start working toward the fall and 2018.

AW 2017show thankyou

Spotlight on ~ Valerie Munch

As I reflect on my art, I realize it colours my life. I view my world, with the play of light and shadow and I want to paint it all! I take photographs to capture those moments, then as I paint I relive the day in my garden with a dear friend, or a walk on Broadway in the city I love.

captured this fall v munch

‘Captured this Fall’, Watercolour

There’s the special chair from a beloved aunt and uncle, the day on the beach or at the lake with Grandchildren, or a special trip with my husband and children, all paintings evoke memories.

face to the sun v munch.jpg

‘Face to the Sun’, Watercolour

I feel fortunate to have the support of my family and friends, and for time spent with a group of artist friends who freely share their vision and talents.

vmunch studio

Spotlight on ~ Bobbi Clackson-Walker

I feel it a personal challenge as an artist to see and express things in an original way.”

I have been a full-time art-maker for the past 15 years and an art educator for the past 7 years. In reality, art-making and a desire to share those experiences with others has been a constant for most of my life. My art-making history has involved expressing visual ideas in a variety of mediums and processes, most notably: drawing, quilt-making, painting, collage, mono-printing, and paper sculpture. I consider myself a life-long learner and thrill at discovering new processes that I can incorporate into my art-making,

Bobbi C-W Image #1 sm

‘Fence Line Exploration’, Ink on repurposed paper

Fence line exploration: Ink on repurposed paper

Like all artists, my work has evolved through time. Where I once was concerned with replicating what I saw in painterly perfection, I am now engrossed with mixed media applications to plexi-glass assemblages, and in utilizing visual elements of line, shape, form and colour in 2-dimensional explorations of the prairie landscape.

Bobbi C-W Image #2 sm

‘Fence Line Exploration’, Paper and acrylic on wood

My drive to create is sparked in imagining visual outcomes born through observation, word play, and physical objects. I self-describe as a mixed media artist as that descriptor allows me to move the process and the media to suit the material exploration of an idea. As I like to work through ideas in a series of pieces, the mixed media label seemed an appropriate way to let followers of my work know that today you may see an idea expressed in paint, and tomorrow you may see that same idea expressed in paper sculpture. I think at times the mixed media moniker is simply a polite way of stating that I tend toward the behavioural instincts of a pack rat. I am hesitant to discard anything, particularly paper, as I am constantly imagining ways of repurposing objects for an artistic purpose.

I am a prairie girl, born and raised, and there is much of the resilience and resourcefulness of the prairie sensibility that informs my work. I believe that stated “prairieness” is at the root of why I create in the first place, and I feel it a personal challenge as an artist to see and express things in an original way.

Bobbi C-W Photo



Spotlight on ~ Jean Dudley

My favourite thing to do is paint ‘en plein air. I love being outside (in the summer) looking at the world in front of me and appreciating the beauty and wonder of it all. To look at something to paint is a different way of looking than that of the everyday. The act of painting takes me out of the mundane and into a world rich in colour, shape and texture.

My muse

‘My Muse’ 

This year is a year of transition for me as it is the first time I’ve had to think about what to paint in the winter. I have taken night classes regularly to keep me painting during the colder months and not given much thought to what I want to communicate through painting. I’ve been having a love affair with oil paints for the last decade or so – there is nothing quite so yummy as a good quality oil paint. However, recently I have been doing research and practising with acrylics and am finding them intriguing. As of today I am unsure what direction I will choose, but no doubt it will continue to include nature as a focus.



The closing of Kenderdine Campus has deeply affected me – I grew up there artistically. A week of focused painting with other people doing the same thing always took my work to a new level. To date, I have been unable to replace this experience and my development has suffered for it. I know I will make the necessary choices and decisions to move forward, and in this the support of the members in our Artists’ Workshop group is much appreciated.

jean field